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Follow your inner compass and let the majik begin...
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GTS - Stands for "Got the Secret TM "

Dare to Believe in Yourself
"Got the SecretTM"
Discover your power from within
Follow your inner compass and let the majik begin...

The GTS Emblem:

The Symbolic Inner Compass® i
s the symbol with a powerful purpose, making those who choose to live life in the positive recognizable at-a-glance ~ uniting like minds ~ sparking interaction and success!                                  

Are you willing to be the change
 you wish to see in the world?
Step out of the shadows and be recognized!

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Extend Your Hand with an Open Heart:

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The GTS Society is a network intended to fulfill the need of support, created simply to help others find their way.

Individually we are strong ~ Together we are mighty!

Members of the GTS Law of Attraction Group
Palm Harbor, Florida

Symbolic Inner Compass®:

The symbol itself serves as a reminder to be positive, trusting our connectedness and the guidance felt within.

There are no predetermined directional specifications, because, to truly follow your inner compass, you must let go of control, focus on what brings you joy, and trust that you will be shown the most harmonious course for you.

Allow yourself to go with the flow.  Choose to embrace the majik that is YOU!

~ Discover your power from within ~

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Resources recommended,
 with gratitude,
include the following websites:

 This website was created in an Attitude of Gratitude and is dedicated with heartfelt thanks to:

Rhonda Byrne, for filling herself up with love and joy, so that she could overflow and touch the lives of you and me; The Support Team at The Secret for their email of September 5, 2007, encouraging me to follow my heart and dream ~ to create My Vision; to Scott Shannon for his meaningful support; to "life adventurer" Mike Dooley for his daily inspirational messages from The Universe; to my dear friend, Alessandra, for being the steady wind beneath my wings; and to my family, Ben and Marissa (a/k/a "Majik"), for believing in me when I could not explain what was happening to me.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Inspiration for creation of the
 Symbolic Inner Compass was derived  from practicing
 the teachings in
 The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne

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