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Gina Jo Kraus, CCP
Personal Empowerment Life Coach
Organizer of the GTS Law of Attraction Group

(Founded July 24, 2008)

For information regarding individual coaching services and participating in the GTS 4-Week Transformation Program, a/k/a "GTS Boot Camp," via Skype, please contact me via email at:, and schedule your *free* initial consult.

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"There is no shortage of 'people in the know' who will claim to know the answers that you are looking for. Luckily for me, I chose to work with Gina, instead of someone who already knew all of the answers to my questions. She helped me to realize that my own truth was waiting inside of me the whole time for me to discover about myself. I took her dare and believed in myself and have been finding the Majik inside ever since!" ~ J., New Port Richey, FL

"I was unable to walk and on crutches or using a wheelchair for 15 years. It was Gina's insightful coaching that put me in such a positive frame of mind that I could see myself walking again. Believably, I now walk four miles a day! Thank you Gina!!" ~ Ben, Tampa Bay, FL

"The decision to make Gina my life coach is hands down THE BEST I ever made in my life. I remember she called it her "GTS boot camp." I told her I was ready for a complete turn-around whatever it takes, and, thanks to Gina, that is what I got! By my agreeing to be worked with one on one, she totally convinced me that I alone have the courage to not only create my own future but to succeed in everything I really want in life and put my mind to. All of Gina's clients are given the Royal Treatment. In my opinion, there is no better coach.
I would like to add that coming back as I am to classical piano performance after being away from my music for nearly 40 years takes enormous courage and patience. I have Gina to thank for encouraging and empowering me to achieve in my goals like never before. In this I cannot thank her enough." ~ A., Largo, FL

"If you find yourself asking…I wonder if I need a life coach, the answer is most assuredly YES. Not to divulge coaching secrets, but the customized exercises like creating a very personal Mission Statement changed my life.  Working via email and Skype increased my personal comfort level, enabling me to be completely honest and get the most out of the experience.  It’s difficult to put into words the powerful reaction of dealing with someone who truly knows how to teach living life to a higher level of joy.  Try it, you have your better self to gain." ~ B, Destin, FL

"In working with Gina, I learned tools and options that I was unaware of before.  Simple processes and concepts that I had not ever been exposed to.  Gina's approach is sincere, unique, creative, fun, extremely in-depth and very personal.  She is herself very professional and communicates in a manner that is effective regardless of where one "is" in life.  One of my favorite parts of Gina's amazing venture is that she always sets you up to succeed and insists that the time spent together is open, direct, honest and comes to a closure after a minimal number of sessions.  Why?  Because she teaches you to teach yourself; essentially, she removes the training wheels and we are free to ride our bike passionately and full speed ahead.  That is the life we are meant to lead and sometimes we need a reminder of who we are and exactly what we are capable of." ~ S, Tarpon Springs, FL

"Gina has been a kind and inspirational person in my life, and I am truly blessed to have had her as a mentor along my journey.  She has the unique gift of helping people realize the path that is right for them, finding tools and techniques that are unique to each person’s situation and personality. Most importantly, she is genuine and caring and helped me to feel courageous and nurtured along my journey.  I am forever grateful to her." ~ M, IRB, FL

"I felt tremendously self-aware, and I am, but Gina still picked out things about me (always completely 'out of left field') that when I opened myself to them, dropped my jaw. I never would've seen them on my own, yet addressing them WORKED. I had some genuinely surprising, key moments of awakening in my coaching sessions, some far beyond the scope of the original issue I came to fix (a few of these I can only describe as having been crushed under a boulder...and not only getting out from under it, but climbing on top of it, seeing far further than I could before. How thrillingly DIFFERENT!) Gina is shockingly intuitive, gave far more than she took, cared DEEPLY and worked her butt off in times she didn't have to, all in order to get me to where I wanted to be.  If there is one simple takeaway, it is that my GTS coaching would have been a bargain at twice the price"  ~
Matthew Jackson, St Petersburg, FL

"This is how my most amazing travel to my true self started.  Gina took me to the most beautiful places of my soul and showed me how to claim my power.  She was there with me every step on my way -- when I cleaned the chatter in my mind, let go of the past and started living the Life of my Dreams and being Always Present.  Like with the magic touch, I became the happiest and the most curious person of all. :)) Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I will never forget you and I will always be ME!" ~
Nadia May, St. Petersburg, FL

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